Made to Measure Collars and Hames

All collars are hand-made to order using traditional methods and materials.

The fore wale and body are stuffed with rye straw grown in Bedfordshire and harvested by hand to preserve its length.

Patent fore wales ready for the next stage

Stuffing the body of the collar.

Once a collar has reached this stage, the hames can be manufactured for the perfect fit.

Ready for its cover

Starting life as half-round metal bar, hames are shaped and welded before being polished and then either sent for plating (chrome or nickel), or in the case of brass, this is brazed on the hames on-site to ensure a good covering of approx. 3mm Finally they are polished to the mirror finish you see here.



The beautiful scroll work on these hames adds elegance to the turnout.

Working hames.